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Standard repair procedure for split case pumps


Pump Preparation


1-               Remove upper casing.

2-               Remove rotating element.

3-               Dis-assemble rotating element completely.

4-               Sand Blast Upper and Lower Casing.

5-               Sand Blast Impeller, and Bearing Housings.

6-               Clean all other parts.

7-               Inspect Upper and Lower Casing for cracks and wear.

8-               Inspect Impeller for cracks and wear.

9-               Inspect shaft for straightness.

10-          Inspect Bearing Housings for cracks and wear.

11-          Inspect the parts completely.

12-          Polish and straightened shaft.

13-          Prepare report of As-Is finding.




14-          Coat Impeller with Belzona coating or equal if needed.

15-          Weld repair cavitations and erosion on impeller vanes.

16-          Profile impeller vanes smooth.

17-          Weld repair impeller bore.

18-          Machine impeller bore to OEM design.

19-          Dynamic balance impeller to 4 W/N.


New Parts


20-          Replace pump-shaft with new 416 SS material, if needed.

21-          Replace the Impeller Wear Rings with new of the same materials.

22-          Replace the Case Rings with new of the same materials.

23-          Replace the Shaft Sleeves with new of the same materials.

24-          Rebuild Bearing Isolator.

25-          Replace Upper and Lower Bearings with new bearings.

26-          Replace all C/R Seals.

27-          Replace Casing Gasket.

28-          Replace Bearing Housing Gaskets.

29-          Replace the Mechanical Seals with new.

30-          Supply new fasteners, fittings, & O-Rings.


Pump Assembly & start-up


31-          Install Impeller on Shaft.

32-          Balance Impeller and Shaft to 4W/N.

33-          Assemble rotating element completely.

34-          Assemble pump completely.

35-          Paint upper, lower casing, & Bearing Housings.

36-          Provide as build report